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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The next Superstar Stock: MP Glychem (bse)

MP Glychem (bse) is a company belonging to the Ruchi Group and is in the business of solvent extraction. The new name for the company is Anik Industries (bse code: 519383). India is witnessing a retail boom and the prospects of this company look good. The fundamentals are just great too. The half year eps of this company is already approx. Rs. 3. So, it is currently trading at very low PE ratios. On fundamentals alone, the fair value needs to be at Rs.60. And there are also rumors of stake sale talks with Reliance retail. The Promoters are also buying this stock to add to their shareholding. Visit



Suchitra B said...

Dear Superstar,

First of all thanks for inviting us on ur website!

Well i hv just seen the msg. section of MP Glychem at Moneycontrols but its not showing the CMP.

I also take liberty to ask u about the future of Madhav Marbal, Lok Housing and Gupta Synthetics in short term....

Thanks for ur support!


monica said...

HI Superstar,
Thanks for all your stock recommendations.
I just brought MP Glychem today at 29.10. Can u please tell me how long i will have to hold it for it to reach its 1st target of 60.

Also on ur recommendation i have entered Yash Management at 13.70. & Ruchi Infra at 47.50.

Thanks once again for all your tips.


Superstar said...

Dear Suchitra,
You are welcome. MP Glychem (also known as Anik Ind) is currently trading around 28.5-29.

The future of Madhav, Lok & Gupta is also bright. Lok Housing again came out with stellar EPS of 20.7 rupees for third quarter and was locked in upper circuit today. The results of Madhav and Gupta should also be good.

Dear Monica,
You are welcome. MP Glychem's projected eps for full year should be over Rupees 6. So, at a PE rating of 10, the fair value works out to be Rs. 60 plus. I would expect this price to come within the next 6 months or so, but it can happen earlier it happened in the case of Basant Agro which more than doubled in a matter of three weeks after my reco.

You are sitting on good profits in Yash Management. Both yash and Ruchi Infra are currently holds.


eterbull said...

hi i am holing a position in the stock from a long time and thank you for covering it in ut site,i would like to have your view on shri ram mills which is sinking like titanic now .

Harbhajan said...

Hello Superstar, the site opened promptly today morning, as soon as I received your email. Thanks as ever for all the tips and doubtlessly I have greatly benefitted from them.

I shall buy some MP Glychem as well. And shall also click on google as you said.

Cheers! Harb

Superstar Fan said...

Dear Superstar,
I have 300 share of IFCI at 14 and I am holding it for more than year. Can you please give your view on this stock. I observed that this stock always move just before the budget. Is it ok to hold it and what should be the fair price to exist this stock.


Superstar said...

Today, Ashish Chugh appears on TV18 and recommends MP Glychem (Anik Ind) which I had put a buy on many days back. The stock is up 20%. It shows other professional investment advisors are also following Superstar. LOL. Cheers!

Dear Superstar fan,
Sorry for delay in reply about IFCI. I just saw your comment. IFCI is a high risk stock. Having run up a lot very fast from 9 rs. to 25 rs. levels, I would be wary of making a fresh purchase. Cheers!

Superstar Fan said...

Dear Navin,
Thank you very much for giving your view on IFCI. I really appreciate all your effort.


Superstar said...

I hope those of you who had picked up MP Glychem (Anik ind) around 27-28 on my call are happy. Currently trading around 39 levels and going strong. Cheers!

vivek said...

i have purchased anik ind. @37 . but now the stock is goin down and the volume is also goin thinner .i am new to the market .hence a bit worried
plz advice regardin the short term target of this stock .
thanks superstar

vivek said...

dear superstar,
i have bought anik ind at 37 and would like 2 know the short term target as the price is fallin with the decrease in volumes.plz advice if i should stay in this script .

Superstar said...

Dear Vivek,
I had replied to a similar query on moneycontrol that Anik's current range is between 27 and 36-37. You bought at the exact higher end of the range. One can buy near the lower end of the range and book profits near higher end of the range if one is a very short term player. Only a close above 42 with good volumes can take this stock to 60 levels in the long term.


sakpalnitin said...

MPGLY seems to be unstable above 32/-. Twice it came back from 39 - 40 /-. Post budget what is your call on MPGLY. Will it reach above 40/- in short term ???????

Superstar said...

Pls note that MP Glychem (Anik Ind) has again touched a level of 39-40 today.