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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Astro Forecast and Market Outlook

Hi friends,

Sorry for the delay in publishing this month's astro forecast for all the Moon signs of the zodiac. I have been quite busy lately and just could not find the time to do it earlier. The forecast has now been published and you can go to my astro site : to read it.

My outlook for the stock market in the coming month is cautiously positive. I feel that the worst is behind us and one can selectively cherry-pick good value stocks which have been beaten out of shape, for long term investment. The sectors to watch would be Textiles, Chemicals, IT, Pharma & select Banking in the coming weeks. The world wide mayhem in the stock markets was triggered by the inauspicious opposition of Mars and Saturn in the celestial skies. And once Mars moves out of Capricorn on 29th March, things should get better. But the real big change will only come only after 16th July, 2007 when Saturn returns to Leo.