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Monday, January 22, 2007

Guest Stock Tips

Friends, in order to make this site more interactive, I'm introducing a column where each one of you can post their stock tips. This website is meant for sharing information about hot stocks, so each one of you can contribute. Instead of posting about stocks you like in other Stock headings, you can now post them all under this heading.

Some points to be noted while posting your tips:

1. Pls give the rationale behind your buy/sell call on any particular stock about which you are writing. Any info that you can give about the stock that will help the readers in making their buy/sell decision.

2. Pls give current mkt price and your targets for the stock which you are posting about.

3. Pls DO NOT post comments which are meant to market some other sites. Make sure your comments do not contain any links to other sites. Such comments will be rejected. Only relevant links to the site of the companies whose shares you are commenting about will be allowed.



Suchitra B said...

Catch the growth of Food Industry with Modern Dairies.. its CMP is arund Rs.22 it will reach around 44 in 2-3 months. Presently food industry demand is rising at gr8 speed... Modern Dairies is a major player..

Srinivas said...

Hi All
Have a look at the stock Confidence Petro... in BSE which is going to be another Everest Kanto in the future as its also in the same platform and got good orders this qrt. I want you to have a look at this and post come comments so that people can buy if you think its good to invest.


Vandy said...

Have a look at Andhra Petro. CMP 17.20. Has moved recently from 13-14 range.Good results and there is a recco in Deccan Chronicle for same for a target of rs. 40 in medium term.

anoop said...

Hi superstar ,

Did you notice big movement in Suryadeep Salt . A computer convert as they claim . At CMP 0.34 , doesnot look much downside .

I am new to your site so pls ignore if any thing obvious/ridiculous .

Will look forward to your comments .


jig said...

Worth a look : Ramsarup Ind.With an eps of 21 in 9 quaters , very good order book this stock looks versy cheap to me at 170 Rs.
Whts ur take..... Plz advice.

jig said...

Hey superstar really appreciate ur calls on scripts with good fundamentals and cheap valuations. Well i too always go in for scripts with lower PE rations. Here's one i think is surely a but. Ramsarup Ind: 9 months EPS @21 V good order book, surely worth a buy at 170 rs.
Wht say ?

anoop said...

Superstar ,

I noticed from archives you recoomended PBA Infra some time back . Is it still a buy at CMP of 132 today .


anoop said...

Is any body tracking Usha Martin Info. CMP 10.44 .

Any views


Superstar said...

Dear Anoop,
Normally I stay away from penny stocks having value less than rs.5 unless something great is happening in that stock. But you are asking about suryadeep salt which trades around 30 paise. I would advise you that there is no dearth of quality stocks in the mkt available at cheap prices, then why take such gambles? About your query on PBA Infra....I had recod it at 108 and it promptly went up to 145. At cmp of 132 it is still a buy, but a little behind stocks like Lok Housing and Madhav Marbles which I think are better buys.

Dear Jig,
I had a look at Ramsarup Ind and it can surely be held. But for making fresh purchases, there are much better options available in the market.


Stars said...

Dear Superstars,

Another share I would like to indicate here is JK INVESTO TRADE. I have just recently entered in to this script at an average of 100/-. This share said to have lot of potential to move upward considering the following:-

It has 100% stake in Helen Curties Ltd. (popular brands are Park Avenue)

It has 50% stake in Ansell Ltd. (popular brand is Kamasutra Condom)

Holds 1392662 shares of Reymonds.

Has 17 acres land in Thane, Mumabi.

Its year high & low are 174.15 / 61.80. My attention was brought in to this script when I have seen this share recommended by one analyst in a TV channel. Also noted, this share is trading in very less volume everyday.

I would like you to have a look at this script and advise whether an investment is feasible or not as the script is still available below Rs.100/-.

With best regards,


Rajesh said...

Dear Superstar,
Can you comment on Silverline

Technologies CMP around 21...
They seems to be coming back. Tied up with Sultanate of Oman for ITES. Now a zero debt company after settling with DBS. Separated their cartoon from the parent company. 4 freee shares each for 100 shares of parent company.


Roopak said...

I Reccomend to BUY REPRO CMP 93 with a price target of 120 within 15 days..... as the is a value BUY with an annualised EPS of over Rs 10....
I Strongly recommend a buy at current level with no risk of downside(support at 90)......
What do you have your say on this one Superstar.......... PLZ REPLY>>>>>

prabhakaran said...

Hi superstar, pl. look at PBA infra and Ansal housing in construction space.. looks at 52 weeks low. Ansal housing bar pattern shows if it breaks 260 can go strait on up-freezing to 380 .. is it worth buying these two ?

Amol said...

For risky bets look at:
- Alka India
- GM Breweries
- Asahi Infra
- Nila Infra

Good Long term bets
- Man Industries
- CCL Products
- KS Oils
- Alok Industries
- Arvind Mills
- IKF Technologes (Bio-diesel 3-5 yrs)
- Southern biotech india (Bio-diesel 3-5 yrs)
- Petronet LNG.

manu said...

For discussion and expressing ideas one should use this segment of the blog.
please donot write anything irrrelaevnt on the thread related to other scripts.
and also I request Superstar to delete older comments from this thread.
and make the font size bigger of the name "Guest Stock Tips"

neo said...

Some one wants to add a good stock i would recomend Nava Bharat ventures for this season

Kuldip said...

Can somebody guide me about Dhruv estates as it has risen from 20 odd ruppes today around 80 rs in 3 months. what is the reason for the movement and expected target.


Anil Baranwal said...

at present one can buy aegis logistics as it's chart/financial reports look good

karishma said...

hi navin
i had bought 1000 south asian petroleum as u had advised in ur list. i got it at now seems to be cooling off. what would have been ur stand,
had u bought it. karishma.

Kamal said...

Hi Superstar,

Long time but there are no posts here. Probably people are not yet back into bull's mood. Yes the hit has been so severe and long lasting that it would take some time to get back things on the same track. I am not sure as if currently one should go for a stock recommendation as the sentiments are badly hit. No one is able to view even 5 days ahead. But I also always think and go by the concepts that you choose whereby the stock is fundamentally good with low P/E, so that risks of downside are very very less. On the contrary scope of gains are much much higher. Going by the same strategy, I would like to suggest RSystems International Ltd to you for your study and also to all the friends here. The company is a mid size software sector company and is currently trading at very very low P/E of around 4.9 which makes it very very lucrative buy. The company has been consistenly growing good and provides very high scope of long term investment gains. Recently 2 block deals have also happened in the stock which shows the interest of some big people and is purely on its lucrative buy value and high scope of returns. I feel its a very good buy oportunity and it has not even fallen much in recent corrections. Even at january start, it was around 110 levels and is currently at 90 levels. So it shows the strength it has at current levels. Please do your analysis and let people benifit if you feel good about it too.