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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hot Pick : Micro Technologies (India) Ltd. Bse Code : 532494

Micro Technologies (India) Ltd. is an IT based company, a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of security devices for its clients across the globe. Product lines include the much-needed security devices, life style and support systems and web-based software. Micro Technologies has a history of leading-edge security solutions products.

The valuations of the stock at current price of 150 are dirt cheap! The annualized EPS (consolidated) for FY 2009-2010 is Rs.70, which means the stock is trading at a ridiculously cheap PE ratio of 2. Peer companies command a PE ratio of 15-20, which shows the potential upside for the stock price of this company. As of 30th Sept, 2009, the promoters hold a healthy 32.49% stake in the company. The future seems bright for this company and investors can look for this value stock.

Some recent news about the company:

*Micro Technologies (India) Ltd. launched Micro Jai-Kisan in the city today. Dr. C P Joshi, Union Rural Development Minister, unveiled the innovative device for farmers at a press conference.

*Micro Technologies to parter with premier Israeli company to jointly provide security solutions.

*Micro Technologies listed for the NASSCOM "Innovative Products Award" for Wi-Fi Security system.

Company website:


PS: On 22 Dec, 2005, SKP Research came out with a BUY Report on this stock when the price was Rs.318 with a Target of Rs. 462 Here is the link:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Early Opening of Stock Exchanges from 4 Jan

The Stock Exchanges (NSE & BSE) have announced extending of trading hours by opening the markets at 9:00 AM instead of the earlier 9:55 AM from 4 Jan, 2010. This should be a welcome step for investors who were so far unable to place orders online because they had to leave for their respective offices before the market opening. But this move is being unreasonably opposed by some Tv anchors for their own narrow personal interests. Copy pasting below a good post on a popular market message board by a boarder named Guru.

Posted by: gurugyan9 on (17-Dec-09 10:45 )
Rating *****

It is with great regret that we have to say that the CNBC TV18 main anchor, Udayan Mukherjee has become too big for his boots and is misusing his powers. Instead of reporting market news in an impartial and neutral manner, which is expected from a responsible Business News Channel, Udayan has off late started to try to force his own personal opinions on the viewers and thus try to influence them. The ordinary lay viewers are easily influenced by the views expressed by the channel anchors, specially the ones who broadcast in the first hour of market opening, ie. Udayan and Mitali. It has been noticed that they try to impose their personal opinions, driven by their own vested interests on the viewers. There are hundreds of instances where we have noticed this. The latest being the move by the stock exchanges to open the markets from 9:00 AM. This is a welcome move for the stock market investors who were previously unable to place orders in the market in the morning because they had to be in their respective offices by 10:00 AM. Such millions of office goers who have investments in the market were till now unable to place their orders online because they had to start from their homes around 9:30 AM for their offices. Now with the welcome move of the stock exchanges they will get an opportunity to place orders before they start from their homes for their offices.

This new announcement by the exchanges is a welcome step and will be of great convenience to stock market investors. This is an investor friendly move by the exchanges. But since this move would mean that Udayan & Mitali will have to start one hour early from their homes, they are viciously opposing this move on their tv channel. How can the channel allow them to dictate their terms to the millions of viewers? Both Udayan and his protegee Mitali have become too big for their boots and are totally ungrateful for how much they have earned from the company they work in and also the stock markets in general in the last 10 years. Udayan was just a small reporter when he joined CNBC TV 18 ten years ago and was promtly made the main anchor. Since then he has become the blue eyed boy of the channel and its MD, Raghav Behl. Raghav has given too much free rein to Udayan and has become over dependent on him. We think the wise thing would be to look for replacements for such big-headed Anchors. If these people have no respect for journalistic ethics of reporting in a fair and impartial manner, they should be shown the door.

link :


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hot Pick: K Sera Sera Nse: KSERAPRO Bse: 532081

K Sera Sera is an Entertainment company primarily in the business of movie production & distribution. The company has posted half year EPS of Rs.8.63 already for the current financial year. This means that the stock is trading at an astoundingly low PE of less than 1. The average PE ratio given to the industry is between 15 and 50. This shows the potential of this stock. The stock's Book Value is Rs. 41.62, profit grew by 100% for the quarter ended 30th Sept, 2009. Net Profit achieved Rs. 39.72 cr*. The company has produced films like Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, Golmaal, Ek Hasina Thi, Vastushastra in the past and distributed films like Guru, Golmaal, Partner, Don, Kaal, Hanuman, Ab Tak 56, Dor, No Entry, Fanaa, Casino Royale, Die Hard-4, Da Vinci Code, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

The company has announced enormous diversification plans. Board of Directors has decided to invest in IPL (Indian Premier League) 20-20 Cricket Team. The company has entered into a Joint Venture for the forthcoming film, "Americans In Danger" starring Colin Farrell, Chris Evans & Anne Hathaway. An average Hollywood blockbuster collection is well over Rs. 5000 crores and this film is already considered as an awaiting blockbuster in Hollywood circles*.

The future looks bright for this company and the stock price is currently available at a dirt cheap price of around Rs. 14.

* Source: DNA Money advt. For more info, visit company website: