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Friday, November 25, 2011

Market Update 25/11/2011

Mkt Update 25/11/2011 : Investors sitting with cash could now start buying A Grade stocks. I would deploy at least 50% of my cash in building a solid portfolio now. A year end rally may be on the cards.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Carnage in the Market

There is blood on the streets and everyone's thinking when will this carnage end? Stocks across the board have fallen anywhere between 50 to 90% in the last one year irrespective of their fundamentals. Is this a synchronized bear cartel hammering that is happening across the globe? It could be. Or it could be a natural manifestation of the socio-economic-political problems that the world is going through at this time. Remember the Mayan calendar ends on 21.12.2012. Is the current carnage a pre-cursor for things to come? Is apocalypse coming?

There is unrest in many parts of the world. There is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. The concentration of power & wealth is right now in the hands of a few. Things are coming to a head for a final, all out battle between the haves and the have nots. So when the rest of the world is in turmoil, it would be foolhardy to expect a smooth ride in the stock markets. The erstwhile normal bullish/bearish cycles have shrunk considerably and volatility has risen multifold.

One thing is certain. The world is changing, and it's changing very rapidly. So the best we can do is to be ready for change. A new scenario will emerge out of the current turmoil and only those who are adaptable will survive.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last time I had recommended this stock in 2009, it went up 12 times in
approximately one year. See the given link to the old post :

Now this stock is again available at a mouth-watering price. I would accumulate
this stock as much as I can. Current price :35-36, Target price :100+
Time frame : 1year


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hot Pick : GTL LTD. BSE Code 500160 NSE Code : GTL

Not much is required to say about this company, GTL, which is quite a well researched stock and followed extensively by experienced market movers & shakers.

For info about the company, go here :

So I'll come straight to the point. This stock used to trade consistently at 462 levels not so long ago, but was hammered down to 120 levels in a single day. Currently trading at a mouth-watering price of just 63.50, the POTENTIAL FOR UPSIDE IN THIS STOCK IS HUGE! The latest news on the company is that there is going to be a lenders meeting on the 19th September which will take forward the CDR process. The management has also proposed a DIVIDEND of 10%. The company is in the booming Telecom and Cell Towers business and there are number of interested Buyers for this company should it come up for sale. Among those rumored to be interested in buying this company are VIOM Networks (TATA group), Srei Infra, Reliance ADAG (Anil), Reliance Ind (Mukesh), and WIPRO (Premji).

This is a low risk and high return stock which should not be missed. The BOOK VALUE of the stock itself is 132.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hot Pick : Alok Industries Bse Code : 521070 Nse Code : ALOKTEXT

Time to re-visit Alok Industries. Last time I had recommended the stock at the price of 21 it went straight up and made a high of 35. Currently the stock is quoting very cheap at around 16.50. Book Value itself was 34.48 in March,2010 Source : The current Book Value would be even more. Right now this stock is trading so cheap only because of the depressed market sentiment throughout the world markets.
It is currently trading at a ridiculously cheap PE ratio of just 3.4. The fair PE Ratio for such a company should not be less than 7. Which gives us a target of around 35-36 in the medium term. Not only is this stock trading at very low PE levels, technically also it looks ripe for a big bounce. The management is looking to reduce its debt levels and has aggressive growth plans. Alok Industries is a fully integrated textile company and is amongst India’s largest textile manufacturers. It has state of the art manufacturing facilities and boasts of the highest quality standards. Moreover, they have a land bank in Mumbai valued at 2000 crores plus. They are going to sell this land within this financial year and all this money will go into retiring its debt. The Promoters are using the opportunity presented by the weak global sentiment to increase their stake. A dividend has also been declared.

This stock is a potential multi-bagger for seasoned investors.

Company website :

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hot Pick, Potential Goldmine : Koutons Retail India Ltd. Bse Code:

Koutons Retail India Ltd. had seen a stupendous rise in the retail sector in the last decade. It has built a brand name for itself and was the pioneer in this business. In 2007 they came out with an IPO priced at Rs.415 per share. The issue got over subscribed and the stock traded for more than double the issue price after listing. They have built a chain of over 900 stand alone stores and has a pan India presence.

But the company has hit upon hard times since the last one and a half years, mainly due to too fast expansion and bad debt management. The price of the share subsequently nosedived. At present, the scenario is that the company has initiated a CDR (Corporate Debt Restructuring) plan and the management is trying to salvage the situation and get the company back on track. The price of the share has fallen to an abysmal level of 26.50 right now. I reckon this is a stock aggressive investors & traders can pick up for a big bounce. If the CDR process gains momentum then this might even turn out to be a good long term investment. According to knowledgeable people, the Brand Value of 'KOUTONS' itself is worth much more than the current share price. So this is a stock which I would be willing to take a punt on. If it works, it could give huge gains.

Company website :


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hot Pick : Eros International Media Ltd. Bse Code: 533261

Eros International Media is a global player in the Media business operating on a vertically integrated studio model controlling content as well as distribution & exploitation across all formats globally, including cinema, digital, home entertainment and television syndication.

Established in 1977, Eros has over three decades of market leadership in creating a global platform for Indian cinema. The group has an enviable distribution network that spans across 50 countries and over 27 dubbed foreign languages, with offices in India, UK, USA, Dubai, Australia, Fiji, Isle of Man and Singapore. Eros has built a successful business model by combining the release of a portfolio of over 70 new films every year with the exploitation of a valuable film library of over 2000 film titles, making it undisputedly one of the largest content owners in the business.

In 2006, Eros plc, the holding company of the Eros Group, became the first Indian media company to obtain a listing on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange.

The company came out with an IPO last year at a price of Rs. 175 per share which was heavily over-subscribed and it listed at a price of 213. At current price of 140, it is available at a massive discount to it's Ipo listing price. I believe this is only due to the current subdued overall market conditions, and fundamentally, this company is very sound. The company has been posting good Earnings consistently and the share is available in a single digit PE ratio, which is a steal for a front-line Media stock. The company has at least 10-12 BIG releases lined up this year. Films like Game starring Abhishek Bachchan, Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara, starring Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Mausam starring Shahid Kapoor, Ra-One starring Shahrukh Khan, Rana starring Rajnikant.....and the list goes on. To my mind, it's a great investment buy at current price and has the potential to give Multi-bagger gains.

Company websites: and