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Friday, November 16, 2007


SOUTH ASIAN PETROCHEM LIMITED operates in the Petrochemicals market and has been doing quite well in recent times. Its half year EPS is already Rs. 2.71 and with a projected full year EPS of 5 plus, this stock deserves a re-rating upwards. Especially when petrochem companies have become the darling of the markets recently, with some stocks in this sector doubling and tripling in no time. Promoters are acquiring more stake in the company and this stock is a potential multibagger.


GODAWARI POWER & ISPAT LIMITED is all set to move up. IT IS ONE OF THE MOST UNDERPRICED STOCKS IN THE RED HOT POWER SECTOR. First half EPS already stands at 17 plus rupees. With a projected EPS for full year of Rs. 34-36, GPIL is grossly undervalued. While peer companies in the Power Sector are having PE ratios of anything between 30-150, this stock deserves a re-rating. Recently the company has cleared fund raising plans of 210 crores. Technically also, this stock looks ready for a big move ahead. Current price is only Rs. 267. Can easily become a multibagger in the medium term.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Alps Industries is a gem of a stock currently trading at dirt cheap prices. It has delivered a half year EPS of rs. 5.52 and projected EPS for full year is 11-12 rupees. The company is the owner of the well known Vista brand of window dressings and its book value is nearly 88 rupees. The stock is currently trading at a huge discount to its Book Value around the price of 46-47. In my opinion this company deserves a PE rating of at least 12, so Fair Value of this stock should be 12x12=144. It is reported that Clearwater Capital Partners has bought 3 lakh shares at Rs 47 per share (1.54 % stake) very recently. Promoters of the company and FIIs have upped their stake in the company considerably during the last one year. Alps Industries presents a huge upside potential from current levels.