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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Astro Forecast for the period 15th Jan to 14th Feb

Beginning today, I'll post a monthly Astro forecast for all the 12 Moon signs. Note that the forecast is based on Moon Signs and not Sun Signs. If you don't know what your Moon sign is then you need to take a look at your birth chart (horoscope) and see in which zodiac sign is the Moon placed. That is your Moon Sign. Forecast for the period 15th Jan, 2007 to 14th Feb, 2007:

Aries - This is a bright month for you. You will be in high spirits as your income will be good and you will have many opportunities to socialize with friends. Friends will also be instrumental in furthering your career interests. You will have to take care of your health and some minor problems related to kids.

Taurus - The month begins on a high note with opportunities of intimacy with the opposite sex. Travel is also on the cards, which maybe for business and/or pleasure. Elderly people may have trouble with their knee(s). Beginning of Feb will open up new income avenues for you.

Gemini - Mars is stationed in your house of spouse this month, so avoid unnecessary arguments with your spouse/lover, as that might escalate into bigger trouble. It is also prudent to get a complete health check up done. If contemplating some major career or health related decision then it is better to postpone it for later.

Cancer - Saturn has returned to your sign in retrograde motion to conclude some nagging issues which have been pending for the last few months. Children will be a source of joy at the beginning of this month. There is also a possibility of romance from more than one quarters. You need to take things easy this month.

Leo - Issues about loans given or taken will come to the surface this month. Listen to your mother for guidance and comfort. Your mental abilities will be sharp and students will do well in their studies. A domineering attitude, specially inside your house, will not be in your best interests, so be a little more democratic.

Virgo - You will receive help and comfort from younger siblings this month. Property related matters will come to the fore. Children will keep you busy with their activities. Health of father may be a cause for concern. Investment in petro product companies may give short term profits.

Libra - The month may start with an income boost or sharp gains in your investments. You will be courageous and willing to take risks in all aspects of your life. New vehicle or new house/renovation of house will be on your agenda this month. Be careful that your bubbling enthusiasm does not become recklessness.

Scorpio - Not just this month, but this entire year will be a lucky year for you due to the benign influence of the magnanimous planet, Jupiter. The first part of this month can bring some great monitary gains. Planning for some journey may also take place now. Enjoy this rosy period.

Sagittarius - You will think and act like a leader. Even in your family gatherings, people would like to make you incharge. You will have a commanding personality this month, but be careful not to give too many orders to your spouse/partner. Some chronic ailment may resurface, so take good care of your health.

Capricorn - This is going to be a hectic month for you. Your place of residence or work will be buzzing with activity. Learn to delegate work, else you might not be able to handle all the work that's coming your way. You are likely to reap the financial gains of your old work/investments in the month of Feb.

Aquarius - Your expenses will be heavy this month. But it is some consolation that your income will also keep pace with your expenditure. You may plan for a pilgrimage or a religious ceremony. Old contentious issues or pending court cases may resurface in the coming months. Seek divine help.

Pisces - If you have children, they might be a cause for concern. Your luck is shining this month and you will do well in your business/career. You will gain from the advice of your younger brother or brother-in-law. You are likely to splurge the money you'll make in the earlier half of this month, in the latter half.


Superstar said...

This is an email sent to me by Nitin:

"Dear Navin Bhai

how are you?
i was just reading your astro forecasts at your blogspot and it is very very good erally. can i know like who is astrologer behind it. It's perfect really. I am impressed with astro predictions there..seems to be very much in line with current happenings with me.


With lots of best wishes for your bright future"

NITIN said...

superb astro forecasts..boss..pls's best i have ever read of....Looking for a section on market/index forecasts on monthly basis to help small investors out in planning investments


@yush said...

respected sir,
it is a very good beginning i am a firm believer of astrology there are very few astrologer who can predict share market. You have come out definately track you and wishing all success,as far as your your forecast as per moon sign is concerned i could not understand my date of birth is 18.1.57 time 9.10 delhi kindly let me know sign to see your forecast my id thanks

Superstar said...

Dear @yush,
Thank you for your kind words. Your Moon sign is the zodiac sign in which Moon was present at the time of your birth. It is as simple as that. You could just take a look at your horoscope and see where Moon is placed. However, to save you the time, I made your horoscope as per data given by you and if your birth time is 9:10 am, then your Moon sign is Leo. You were born on a Friday. Your Sun sign is Capricorn and your Ascendant is Aquarius.

In Astrology, these three signs, namely the Moon Sign, the Sun Sign and the Ascendant are of prime importance to analyse a person's horoscope. And for making day to day predictions, one should know the Moon sign.