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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hot Pick: K Sera Sera Nse: KSERAPRO Bse: 532081

K Sera Sera is an Entertainment company primarily in the business of movie production & distribution. The company has posted half year EPS of Rs.8.63 already for the current financial year. This means that the stock is trading at an astoundingly low PE of less than 1. The average PE ratio given to the industry is between 15 and 50. This shows the potential of this stock. The stock's Book Value is Rs. 41.62, profit grew by 100% for the quarter ended 30th Sept, 2009. Net Profit achieved Rs. 39.72 cr*. The company has produced films like Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, Golmaal, Ek Hasina Thi, Vastushastra in the past and distributed films like Guru, Golmaal, Partner, Don, Kaal, Hanuman, Ab Tak 56, Dor, No Entry, Fanaa, Casino Royale, Die Hard-4, Da Vinci Code, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

The company has announced enormous diversification plans. Board of Directors has decided to invest in IPL (Indian Premier League) 20-20 Cricket Team. The company has entered into a Joint Venture for the forthcoming film, "Americans In Danger" starring Colin Farrell, Chris Evans & Anne Hathaway. An average Hollywood blockbuster collection is well over Rs. 5000 crores and this film is already considered as an awaiting blockbuster in Hollywood circles*.

The future looks bright for this company and the stock price is currently available at a dirt cheap price of around Rs. 14.

* Source: DNA Money advt. For more info, visit company website:



amit golchha said...

bihar tubes has performed very well and given a good gain in short time but compact disc is not moving at all. when the volume and price appriciation is expected.

Sted said...

please specify the targets and indicates the time lines. Is it a good idea to sell FCS software and buy ksera at current prices?

Superstar said...

Hi Amit,
CDIL also went up to 74 levels couple of times after I wrote about it but has gone back to 63 levels. It will test patience, but I think will go up eventually.

Hi Sted,
FCS I had recommended booking profits around 14-14.50 levels earlier also. For K Sera it is difficult to give targets as it is a high risk high reward kind of stock. As for now, I would just buy it and forget. It can give 100% or more returns in the medium term, if market conditions are conducive.


Siva said...

Hi Super*,

Any news on bihar tubes? Sudden Volume hike, stil is it rite to buy more?

Pari said...

sir I purchase 5000 at 16.50 coming quartely result how much leavel it will go?

Ambrish said...

Super Star, Aurobindo pharma is breaking its all time high daily. Currently at 900 (in Jan 2009 it was at 110/-).
Is it a gud buy now? as expectation is that it will touch 1300 too slowly. Regards Ambrish

Superstar said...

Hi Pari,

You've purchased K Sera Sera at a decent price. Hold it with patience and hopefully you can make handsome gains (100% or more) in the medium to long term.

Hi Siva,

There have been several block deals in Bihar Tubes in the last couple of days, keep your fingers crossed. The stock is still cheap at current levels for long term investors.

Hi Ambrish,

When I gave a buy call on Aurobindo Pharma around 400 levels last year my own personal one year target was 850-900. I wouldn't recommend a fresh buy at current price but those who have been holding it with handsome profits can continue to hold it as long as the overall market trend is up. A stock which is making new highs is definitely a strong can hold it with a profit lock at 10% from the Peak.


Ambrish said...

Super star, Fcs Software Solutions Limited has informed the Exchange that the Board of Directors in their meeting held on December 10, 2009, successfully concluded placement of 10,000,000 Global Depositary Receipts at USD 2.41 per Global Depositary Receipt (Representing 100,000,000 Underlying Equity Shares of Re.1/- each). The Board of Directors at its meeting held on December 10, 2009 has approved and allotted 10,000,000 Global Depositary Receipts against 100,000,000 underlying Equity Shares of Re.1/- each representing the said GDR. The GDRs will be listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange....

My query: Is GDR same as stock available. If true, then the script is valued at around 110/- (dollar to rupee conversion), so still we can buy??? Is is so as today it was in UC?

Ambrish said...

Any script in IT (information technology) to buy currently : infy, tcs, wipro, mindtree, fcs software ?

Ambrish said...

Super Star, All india bulls related stocks are going down like anything (india bulls finance, india bulls securities etc.) but these have given sound returns to me in past. Is it advisable to buy them currently and what is the reason for them going down currently?

Ambrish said...

Superstar, your valuable comments I am waiting for:)
Also give your input for kcp limited.

Superstar said...

Hi Ambrish,
Sorry for the delay in responding. It's difficult for me to reply to individual queries as I'm hard pressed for time. Hope you would understand.

Coming to your query about FCS, a GDR is different from a share listed on the bourses. I have already mentioned that I would have booked my profits in FCS around 15 levels as I had given the call at 4.30. It may still go higher but fresh investment is not recommended. The share has quadrupled from my buy call level in a short span and now a lot of speculation is going on in the entire IT sector. As an investor,I would stay away from that sector currently.

You could look at BIHAR TUBES instead, for investment.


Ranganath R said...

Where did you get the EPS figures for K Sera Sera of 8.63?. When I looked up the financials of the Co. on Rediff Money the Half year EPS works out to only Rs. 0.45. The Sales figures are also uninspiring with Sales of 0.06 cr. 2.77 cr. for the last 2 quarters. In the past this company has not had a good record of corporate governance. It has been known as a RGV's one-man show. Really curious to know of your source of info

Superstar said...

Ranganath, I would suggest you should not rely on unreliable sites like moneycontrol or rediff etc. for looking at a company's financial data. THE MOST RELIABLE AND UP TO DATE DATA IS AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITES OF THE STOCK EXCHANGES THEMSELVES. HERE IS THE SOURCE OF K SERA SERA EPS : Sera Sera


Subhasis said...


K Sera sera is going down every day. I have brought 2000 shares at 15.77 rate. Can you say when can it probably show an upmove. Is it testing investors patience?Please comment sir.

Superstar said...

Hi Subhasis,
This stock seems to be totally dependent on the whims of the Operators right now. Nobody can read what's on the operators mind. I would have averaged my cost if Ksera goes to 11-12 levels. But actually there are better investment opportunities available in the market right now like Micro Tech, so switching to that might make more sense.


Saurabh said...

Hi Navin
Happy New Year. I found the following intresting news on BSE about KSera Sera.
Navin how will you decipher the impact on the share price in medium to long term.

authorharb said...

Hello Navin! Hope everything is fine with you! Do you still live at Mumbai?

Today I saw a wonderful scene. At the site out of just seven shares which highly appreciated three were those recomended by you some time back. They included agrotech foods, williams magor, suraj diamonds etc. Just check. Seems your ksera sera too will appreciate soon.

Cheers, Harb

Superstar said...

Hi Saurabh and Harb,

There are so many stocks which I recommended besides those you named which have become multibaggers like Aurobindo Pharma, Balaji Tele, Crew Bos, FCS Software etc. I don't even remember all of them :)

Harb, K SERA SERA is also near its rock bottom price and can go up any time. It's just a matter of time. And I'm good, hope you are well too. I'm based in Mumbai.


Dreggie 3 said...

its at 11.90 today. Seems like a screaming buy! Are you still optimistic on this?


Mitran said...

may ver late comment. Is still a buy call. CMP is 11.6