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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hot Pick : Bihar Tubes Ltd. Bse Code : 590059

Bihar Tubes Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 company engaged in manufacturing and exporting galvanized steel tubes, galvanized steel pipes and welded black pipes/tubes. They manufacture Mild Steel Tubes, Aluminum Steel Tubes for a range of applications like Mild Steel Tubes for structural purpose and mechanical & general engineering purpose, ERW Pipes for water, gas & sewerage, Steel Tubes for idlers of belt conveyors, water wells and Lancing Pipes for various automotive & industrial applications.

The stock has fallen from its highs of around 216 in Dec, 2007 to its current mouthwatering price of 59. The stock price of this company has been lying dormant for a long time and a technical breakout can happen any time after this consolidation. Religare research had put a BUY call on this stock on 7th May, 2008 when the market price was 151 and they had given a price target of 240 plus for it.
Download the report from here:

So if this stock was found attractive at 151 levels, at current price of 59 it's available at a steal. Seems to be a good investment bet.


PS: I'm glad that one of my recent picks, FCS Software has nearly tripled after I recommended it. Hope you profited from it.


Ambrish said...

superstar, no dividend of this script in last 2 yrs, it was in loss before last quarter. Is it a good pick still?

mithun said...

Hi Superstar..

Thanks for your inputs... i had purchased FCS at 50rs... DO u suggest me to book profits now or wait till it splits...

On your advise i have also bought Bihar tubes and PSL ltd.

Thanks for all your help.

Superstar said...

Hi Mithun,
I would have booked my profits in FCS Soft around current or 120-125 levels for sure.


PS: Bihar Tubes Ltd has informed BSE regarding "Bihar Tubes Commissioned First Phase of Hosur Project"

AnandJha said...

"Religare research had put a BUY call on this stock on 7th May, 2008 when the market price was 151 and they had given a price target of 240 plus for it. "

Please note that when the call at 151 was given, things were going on fine globally. Only after September 2008 things became worse. What are your views on the same.

AnandJha said...

"Religare research had put a BUY call on this stock on 7th May, 2008 when the market price was 151 and they had given a price target of 240 plus for it. "

Please note that when the call at 151 was given, things were going on fine globally. Only after September 2008 things became worse. What are your views on the same.

abstract thoughts said...

I am new to stocks...why has the price of FCS fallen so drastically...from 130 to 13 in 1 day...

Superstar said...

Abstract thoughts,
The face value of FCS Software has been reduced from rs.10 to Re.1, which means one share has now been split into 10 shares. The price of this share has actually gone up from Rs.45 couple of months back to the present Rs.130. Investors who bought this share on my advice have TRIPLED THEIR MONEY in a very short span of time.


AnandJha said...

Superstar please advise on the following scrips.

Softsol India CMP 54.50
EPS (TTM) 11.93
P/E 4.57
Book Value 88.34

Associated Stone Industries Kotah
CMP 60.50
EPS (TTM) 13.06
P/E 4.63
Book Value 201.58

Modern Home Credit and Capital
CMP 15.75
EPS (TTM) 2.02
P/E 7.80
Book Value 33.58

Pradeep Metals
CMP 12.06
EPS (TTM) 3.69
P/E 3.2
Book Value 13.57

Sita Enterprises
CMP 9.41
Book Value 26.37

Shreyans Industries
CMP 31.85
EPS (TTM) 13.19
P/E 2.41
Book Value 36.01...

ks said...

yes! I am still holding that stock. Thanks a lot superstar. I owe you a big one.

Street said...

Dear Superstar...thanks a ton for tripling my money in FCS Software. I'm now buying Bihar Tubes in bulk. I have investigated about this stock and you will be surprised at the target given to me by my broker (highly trusted)...The target for Bihar Tubes is not less than 250! And it will reach there in less than six months. Advising everybody to load up on this stock to make a killing. Warm regards.

Ambrish said...

superstart, your views for kcp limited.

sangjukta said...

Hi Sir. How r u?
I feel sad not to see u at Big Boss house. After that there is a hope to see u in wild card entry.
All the best Sir.

Samir Joshi said...

dear superstat,

there is upper circuit in fcs software for second consecutive day @13.40.. pls give your views

Thank you for being you.

Superstar said...

Hi Sangjukta,

Thanks for your support and good wishes :) I guess, the competition to get inside the BB house was tough.

Hi Ambrish,

I've always liked KCP as a stock. But one can look for dips to buy.

Hi Samir,

The range for FCS Software after the split seems to be settling between 10 and 14. I would certainly have booked my profits around the upper end of this range, ie. 14-15 for the short term. At present the fundamental value of this stock is not more than 15, anything above this at the present juncture is froth.


rkt222 said...

Hi Superstar, I am new to stock market, and wishing to invest for short term gains. Any tips?@

Ambrish said...

superstar, ur views on suzlon enery, is it gud buy at78?

Superstar said...

Bihar Tubes is a good stock to buy.

Suzlon Energy is restructuring its loans and after the stake sale in Hansen, it may rise for the short term from its current level of 75 to 90 odd levels but long term investors who are holding this stock would probably use the rise to get out.


Dreggie 3 said...

Hi Superstar,
What are your views on Manaksia? Steel seems to be the flavor of the season.


Dreggie 3 said...

I have a question on Bihar tubes also. From 59 it went to 75 and the volumes flared up. Its back to 63. Made some money there! thanks! Is it still a good buy now?


Aman said...

Dear Superstar,

thanx for your previous advices.pls advise me on the following.should i hold or sell and by when

I have 600 COMDISC@64 rs. Heard some negative views about the management.

Also i have 1600 JK lakshmi @ 66 rs
350 PSL @ 164
1060 bihar tubes @ 58
6800 SAPL @ 11

i have already purchaed K sera sera 10K @ 13 Rs.

Pls advise me on these and what should be best for me.


Superstar said...

Hi Dreggie,

Bihar Tubes has gone up from my buy call at 59 to a high of 99.90 today. Long term investors can hold it but if I was a short term investor I would have booked profits if it moved up another 10-20%.

Hi Aman,

You are sitting on good profits in each of the stocks recommended by me. I would have booked profits in most of them now and invested the money in Micro Tech at current level.


sarath chandra said...

sir, i am really got troubled after buying 500 share in prithvi information technologies at the rate 75.85[per share] as u the company is very dull reacting. any chance for upside movement? please suggest me what to do with this in this the stock is trading in 60's. your recommendations are excellent and impressive day by day. i am eagarly waiting for your valuable reply.
thank you
sarath c m

Superstar said...

Hi Sarath,

Prithvi Info always had some risk involved in it due to the management being under a cloud presently, that is the reason it is available so cheap right now. The technical levels to watch on the down side in Prithvi are 60, 55 and 50. It cannot be said when the stock will be back in favor of the investing community, but whenever it does it can go above 100 in no time. Remember that even Aurobindo Pharma had gone down after I presented that stock on this site little over a year ago. But even that turned out to be a multibagger later on. So, it all depends on your risk taking appetite. This is the stock market and the rule here is No risk No gain.


sarath chandra said...

thank u for the reply.anyway i am going to hold prithvi information tech with all my patients. i also took 500 share in ghcl at the rate 43. now the stock is trading at the same level i bought.At wht level i have to book profit?

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