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Monday, January 14, 2008

Watchlist of Potential Winners

Hi friends,

The current lull in the market and the ongoing correction in the mid-small caps will give rise to buying opportunities in several stocks which can be potential Winners. You could keep them in your watchlist and buy them on dips. Apart from my favorites CYBERMATE INFOTEK and JAYASWAL NECO, here are some more names which can be potential multibaggers in the long run:

1. Jay Ushin Ltd.
2. Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd.
3. South Asian Petrochem Ltd.
4. Aurobindo Pharma.
5. Unichem Labs
6. Agro Dutch
7. Su-raj Diamonds
8. Alps Industries
9. FCS Software
10.Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn
11.Suven Pharma
12.IKF technologies
14.Shakti Metdor



sandy said...

Hi Navin,

Was looking forward for the same, I will divert all my funds equally in most of these scripts. I already hold positions in more than 50% of the stocks here at good price.
Also I was able to link your website onto the Google home page( using the "Subscribe to" option at the end of the page, so Now on, I will be informed of your blog update within a max time of 15 minutes!.. hope this info helps the other readers also.
Thanks again.

Stay Green, Stay Healthy, and Happy investing!

Raghu said...

Hi Navin,
Thanks a TON for providing a list of Potential Multi-baggers.

Sanjay said...

Dear Super*****,

I am holding MindTree@650, Infosys@ 1930, CyberMate @ 19. What is your reccomendation?

What is your take on Copper Nissan? Is this the right time to buy?


paddy said...

Hi SuperStar.,

Thanks for providing this list of potential winners. I have a few and add more on dips.
What is your opinion on ULTRAMARINE AND PIGMENTS? is this in the same class as your list? Pl. confirm.

Raghu said...

Dear Navin,

When it comes to Cybermate Infotek there are no volumes from Buyers end. Can you pls comment on this?


Hello Superstar,
i am a math teacher and author of the concerned subject . i want your guidance about the scope of RPL .

Bobby said...

Hi Superstar,

What you prefer , being addressed as superstar or navin, Pls let us know.

Iam new to your site, Being directed from after reading your messages there.

You doing a great job, Congrats.

The list you provided is very good for medium to long term, Thanks.Will get into some of them soon, Already entered cybermate but at its 52 week high.Bought some today to average out, When will it reverse or should we keep buying as its hitting lower circuits.

Take care and God Bless.

Superstar said...

Hi Sandy,
A lot of people were asking me for a way for them to be notified whenever my blog was updated. Thank you for providing a solution for them.

Hi Sanjay,
Mindtree looks fairly valued to me at current price. Unless they deliver something special in terms of earnings in the next couple of quarters, it would be better to exit it whenever it goes above 500 next.
Infosys looks like a Hold to me at present. I think you may recover your cost price at some point of time this year.
Nissan Copper is a Hold and buy on dips. You can even buy at cmp with a long term view.


sajjan said...

HI Naveen,
what would be two of your best picks of the one you just recommended coz i am in dilemma

Superstar said...

Hi Paddy/Venu,
My view on Ultramarine is positive at cmp of 48. But it will have to better its earnings figures of last year to become a multibagger.

Hi Raghu,
This a peculiarity of the stock markets and specially in the small caps universe that they oscillate between greed and fear. When Cybermate Info went up nonstop from 11 to 18.9 there were no volumes from the sellers end (till last Thursday and Friday) because they were overcome by greed. Now you are seeing the other side of the coin as the buyers are overcome by fear. I hope sanity will return soon.

Hi Rakesh,
You can hold RPL at present.

Hi Bobby,
Welcome to the site. You can address me with either my name or my nickname. Whichever you are comfortable with.
I am also waiting for Cybermate Info to complete its correction and resume its uptrend. Let's hope it happens soon. I bought some more today.


Bala said...


Why do you think IKF finance will be a multi bagger? Can you give us some technical data and future growth details?


Raghu said...

Hi there,
For the benefit of new comers(in 2 the bulls world) i am here with giving more details about the SUPERSTAR's "Watchlist of Potential Winners".

S.NO Stock CMP 52H BV PE
1 Jay Ushin Ltd 94.7 122 32.39 12.5
2 Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd 65.2 75 25 9.24
3 South Asian Petrochem Ltd 30.8 40 14.4 7.64
4 Aurobindo Pharma 477 820 174 8.53
5 Unichem Labs 202 284 103 8.77
6 Agro Dutch 42.15 50 49 3.79
7 Su-raj Diamonds 85.3 115 139.9 6.4
8 Alps Industries 84.65 97 84 8.67
9 FCS Software 118 144 64 5.82
# Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn 165 203 90 4.85
11 Suven Pharma 50.7 65 37 53.56
12 IKF technologies 17.55 23.65 5.34 191
13 Spicejet 91.35 102 7.67
14 Shakti Metdor 315.3 378 94 7.88

Also would like to share the following:
1.To know the details such as CMP, BV, last 1yr graph, peer group,history,face value,market capital,mkt structure,financial positions etc of a given stock without any ADS, you may use the following link.
2. To see the top 50 volume toppers or gainers or loosers you may use the following link.
3. To know which comp is giving bouns shares or stock splits:
4. To know the number of trades or traded quanity for a given stock:
5.Want to know the meaning of a technical term:

Hope this info is useful atleast for a few members of this blog!
Appreciate if you could share any such info.


Sivaaa... said...

Hi Navin,
what is your advice of short term target for CYBERMATE INFOTEK and JAYASWAL NECO,?..plz advice

Superstar said...

Hi Sajjan & Sivaa,
My TOP TWO picks are undoubtedly Cybermate Infotek and Jayaswal Neco. Buy and hold is my strategy with them.


Raghu said...

Hi Bala,
Referring to your question to Navin:
Navin has mentioned 'IKT Technology'...not IKF Finance.


Santosh kumar sharma said...

Hi Superstar,

according to you what is the future of GVFILM, Bellary Steel.
We are seeing the downward momentum for some time, from when can we see the uptrend again?

Santosh kumar sharma said...

Hi Superstar,
whats the future of GVFILM, Lanco Industries, Belary Steel.
From when will the uptrend start again. Is there scope for frther improvement in these stocks.

Superstar said...

Jayaswal Neco Update:

Hi friends,
Today Jayaswal Neco has achieved its first target of 80. Today's high on NSE is 82.20 and on BSE is 82.85.
While I feel that Jayaswal Neco is headed towards three figures next, it would be prudent for investors, specially short term ones, to keep a PROFIT LOCK of 80 rupees on this stock.


DESTINY4U said...

hi raghu..

well done for ur effort is very plesant to see each other helping and enlightening each other..this , kind of , builds mutual spirits and may we sustain it for long..we r all great fans of superstar and have firm faith in his abilities to read the mkts well come what may ..I have heard from sources in mumbai (non Moneycontrol type) about the target of cybermate of 200 in this year

pints said...

hi there,
this is the first time for me here, reaced here tracking cybermate on google......i hope iam not falling in A TRAP!

Superstar said...

Hi Raghu,
You are making my work easier by helping others with your useful pieces of information, mate. Thanks.

Hi Bala,
If you are referring to IKF Technologies (or IKF software), the buzz on that stock is about Bio Fuel from Jathropa seeds plantation. It is a dark horse and a high risk high reward kind of stock. Double or quits.

Hi Santosh Kumar Sharma,
Just answered a query on GV Films in another thread. Pls read that. I have already advised to book profits in Bellary steels here several days back. Still not too late. Lanco Ind you can hold with a Stop Loss/Profit Lock of 80.

Hi Destiny4u,
Thanks for the compliments. Hope your target of 200 for Cybermate Info comes true this year, coz if it does, it will make all its shareholders super happy.



phanikumarreddy said...

Hi Superstar -

I appreciate all your efforts on the anlysis and give your say on the stocks.

Can you please have you say on FDC.

Many thanks.

Raghu said...

Hi Pints,
Good day.
I would say- your day was lucky to bring you to this place - "SUPERSTAR'S" place.
You are not in the trap - but u r in the LAP of superstart!
Please don't have any negative thoughts, he is doing with great dedication -sacrificing a lot his personal time - just to help small invetors like u and me!
Anyhow - keep trust on Superstar and enjoy his suggestions.
Welcome to our superstars fans
club !

Kriti said...

Hi.. I repeat my question again.
I have 200 share of Reliance Poethyelin Ltd & Reliance Petrochemical Ltd in physical form since 1990. This two company is not listed now. So I want to know about conversion of this share into another reliance company share. And what I have to do this physical form?
Thanks in advanse

Surbhi said...

Hi Navin

I had purchased century extrusion at the high price of 18.35. now its hitting a LC daily from last week. Can you give some insight??

Santosh kumar sharma said...

Hi Superstar, you have mentioned that you have replied to GVFILM on some other
thread. I was trying to search the thread using GVFILM but got no results.
can you send the link or reply here.

One more thing regarding BellarySteel, what could be the target in a year.

Wat would be the target for Jayswals Neco in a year.

Many thanks

Superstar said...

Hi Santosh Kumar,
You should make some effort on your own also. It was a very recent post in the main page itself. Here is the link:

Under the heading : How to cope with the current market mayhem.

Hi Surbhi,
You probably bought Century Extrusion without checking its fundamentals. It is one the many stocks which went up in the frenzy created by operators in the penny stocks universe. It may find technical support around either 10 levels or may even go back to 7 from where a bounce can be hoped for.

Hi Kriti,
The first thing you have to do is open a DEMAT ACCOUNT and then give your physical shares for dematerialisation to your DP (depository particiapant). In case the companies whose shares you hold are still functional they will issue you the shares in demat form. In any case, your DP should be able to answer you.



rahul said...

could u plz comment on these shares k sera sera @ 40 and usha martin @ 13.wat r the prospects for these .Thank you

Sumit said...

Hi Navin,

What is your long term view on Compact Disc. I have a feeling that this might turn out to be another Educomp, no competition and nobody is likely to catch up with them in the near future. The only challenge for the company is that they are connected to the US market (dicey dollar).

Appreciate your gyan on this


Surbhi said...

Hi Navin

Thanx for your prompt reply on century extrusion.
Also, i am holding 170 reliance natural shares at Rs. 90. What is your take on the same? should i hold or sell off.

Raghu said...

Hi Naveen,

I am holding
1) 100 Stocks of Uco bought@81/-,
2) GTL Infra - 65 Nos bought @ 98/-
3) Supreme Petrochem -100 Nos @50/-
4) Polaris Software - 100 Nos @138

Pls advice on whetehr I have bought them at expensive rates. Also pls advice whether Do I need to exit from any one of them?

Real said...

Hi Superstar,

Keep up your work. Checked your recommendations, they were spot on.

Small investors like us need your guidance and support.

Bought 5000 pcs of Cybermate today, will keep on accumulating further on dips.

Also can you pls advise me on the following stocks?

RadhaMadhav corporation
Rajastha Spinning & Weaving Mills(RSWM)
GTL Infra
Finolex industries
IMP Powers
BhagyaNagar Industries

I know its a long list but I have exposure to all these midcaps and since few days all of them took a battering, so want to know your opnion on about the same, hold or sell?

Thanks a lot in advance

Your new FAN, Mahesh

Superstar said...

Hi Rahul,
K Sera Sera is in the Film Production & distribution business and the earnings in that business are usually lumpy. They come in lumps and are not necessarily consistent. So you'll have to keep watching its earnings figures constantly every quarter. At present rate, I think it is a Hold.

I presume you are asking about Usha Martin Infotech. Based on the first half earnings, I am not too impressed with this stock. You may exit and buy something else.

Hi Sumit,
I had advised a Hold on Comp Dis earlier also on this site and it has gone up since then. It has good earnings and a placement of shares is also reported to be happening around 140. So it is still a hold.

Superstar said...

Hi Raghu,
You have indeed bought these stocks at high prices. GTL infra is a definite exit. In the others you can wait for a rally to exit.

Hi Real/mahesh,
Thank you for your appreciation. I have requested people many times to restrict their query to TWO stocks at a time. Out of your long list, off the cuff, I can say that I like Geojit, Finolex Ind and Bartronics for long term holds.


Superstar said...

Hi Surbhi,
You can continue to hold RNRL for the long term also BUT keep a Profit Lock of 200. This means book your profit if it goes below 200 and re-enter later on lower levels.


Surbhi said...

Hi Navin

You advised Raghu to exit for sure from GTl Infra? I am also holding the shares at a price of Rs. 45 and i thought it to be long term. Would not it show goog momentum if we hold it for a year's time? Please advise.

Annam said...

Hi Navin,

Please give your view on Auropharma for next one month.


Sumit said...

thanx Navin. I know you said to hold compact Disc, but do you think it will be a good idea to buy more looking at the business of the company and its growth.

I would also like to know your thoughts on Hitachi Home & Life Solutions, this is another stock (like JK Lakshmi) which has been moving based on its growth and not on the market momentum. The year end earnings might be very impressive compared to last financial year.

Once again thanx for all your inputs. Appreciate it.


damned maniac said...

Hi superstar,
I am 21 years old and have started investing in markets for the past 9 months, i am holding
Bhagyanagar ind 130 @ 60
nandan exim 3000 @ 3.75
RSWM 70 @ 240
JSW steel 20 @1340
Ispat indus 300 @ 30
rel pet 450 @ 105
pow grid 300 @ 107
dlf 30 @ 525
HDIL 14 @ 500
Jayaswal neco 500 @ 45
godawari power 110 @ 310
mundra 15 @ 440

could u comment on this portfolio, also should i enter cybermate or average out JSW Steel.
i am planning to stay invested for more than 3 years.
U are doing an amazing job mate , keep it up.
Thanks and Regards,
Dipal Mahendra Damania

Superstar said...

Hi Surbhi,
If I was you, I would book my profits in GTL Infra and immediately convert them to JK Lakshmi Cement.

Hi Annam,
It is difficult to predict the movement of Aurobindo for the next one month but it is a buy at cmp with a long term (one year) view.

Hi Sumit,
You can hold JK Lakshmi, Hitachi Home and Comp dis for long term. All these are great buys on dips.

Hi Damned Maniac (what a nick!LOL),
I have repeatedly said here to restrict your queries to TWO STOCKS AT A TIME. I have commented on most of your stocks today only on the Newer Threads. Check the same. Off the cuff, I can say that you have mostly good stocks in your portfolio and can hold on to the same if you are a long term player.


Real said...

Hi Navin,

Thanks for your advice.

I'm already holding most the stocks from your watchlist except for Shakti MetDor.

Planning to put some eggs into this basket, before that can you please give some idea about this company and what could be the triggers for this company to become a multibagger?

Sadly enough there is not much info to be found on the net about this company ;(

Thanks a ton mate.



veerashekhar said...

hi superstar,
i need suggestion on
bhagyanagar ind

Superstar said...

Hi veerashekhar,
As told in my very recent reply to the same question in a newer post, you can hold both for long term.

Hi Real,
Shakti Metdor has a low PE ratio and is going to have capacity expansion without any equity dilution. And now some tv analysts have also picked up this tip and started promoting it. But the best pick even now is JK Lakshmi Cement.