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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hot Pick : GTL LTD. BSE Code 500160 NSE Code : GTL

Not much is required to say about this company, GTL, which is quite a well researched stock and followed extensively by experienced market movers & shakers.

For info about the company, go here :

So I'll come straight to the point. This stock used to trade consistently at 462 levels not so long ago, but was hammered down to 120 levels in a single day. Currently trading at a mouth-watering price of just 63.50, the POTENTIAL FOR UPSIDE IN THIS STOCK IS HUGE! The latest news on the company is that there is going to be a lenders meeting on the 19th September which will take forward the CDR process. The management has also proposed a DIVIDEND of 10%. The company is in the booming Telecom and Cell Towers business and there are number of interested Buyers for this company should it come up for sale. Among those rumored to be interested in buying this company are VIOM Networks (TATA group), Srei Infra, Reliance ADAG (Anil), Reliance Ind (Mukesh), and WIPRO (Premji).

This is a low risk and high return stock which should not be missed. The BOOK VALUE of the stock itself is 132.


VIJAY said...

Dear Sir,

Why this stock is going down?? and when it will bounce back at around 132 level.

sanjay said...

hi gem
i want to invest in crew bos,it was your old favourate one.please guide me that is it right time to invest in this stock,as i consider it as a multibagger.

Superstar said...

Hi Vijay, GTL is down keeping in sync with the rest of the market and also because of it's debt issues. It will go up when some concrete steps are announced by the management for its debt restructuring.

Hi Sanjay, CREWBOS is indeed an old favorite which gave great profits last time around. It can surely be accumulated at current levels.