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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mindblowing Results Posted by Southern Ispat & Energy Ltd. BSE Code: 531645

The Board of Southern Ispat & Energy Ltd. have just declared the Audited Results for 15 months ended June 30, 2010. Income from Operations and others has gone up from 392.61 million to 3288.71 million. That's an almost 900% jump! Cash EPS (earnings per share) has gone up from 1.39 to 8.55! WOW! If the company maintains this scorching pace of growth in the December quarter also, then this stock should quote at a price of 66 in the next six months. And right now, the stock is available at dirt cheap levels, due to the overall market correction. VERY STRONG BUY.

See the results here for yourself :


Yashwin said...

Hi Superstar,

Thanks for the tip on Cronimet, it has been a great addition to my portfolio. There are a couple of queries I have on Southern Ispat though, please fill in the blanks for me when you have time... Promoter shareholding has gone down from 20.47% to 4.21% which does not really inspire confidence. This is probably due to the increase in the equity base from 11.03cr to 43.75cr. The EPS of 8.55 for the 15 months ended june'2010 is calculated on the lower base of 11.03cr and when adjusted for the change comes to a not so spectacular number of 2.16. What am I missing here?

raj said...

hi superstar,

is cronimet crumbling due to general market conditions?do u suggest me getting out for a while and reenter?

karthikeyan.v said...

Hi Superstar,
Great that southern ispat had given a good set of Results, Hope the market settles and the stock also moves up.
I think since market has overall had tanked this stock also corrected.

Abhi said...

Hi Superstar,
I am new to this blog. Just want to ask that is it the right time to enter the market, or I should wait for some more time.

Superstar said...

Hi Raj,

Croniment has had a great run from 83 to 111 in a matter of two weeks after my call. Even after the correction it is trading at 96 today. You can hold it or book profits and switch to Southern Ispat for multi-bagger gains.

Hi Karthikeyan,
Yes, you are right. Southern Ispat has had a correction due to overall market, and it is now ready to move like a rocket.

Hi Abhi,

I can't say if it is the right time to enter the market, but it is absolutely the right time to enter Southern Ispat.


raj said...

hi superstar,
thanx fr ur suggestion.i will hold cronimet(got into it at 83) as i am already on overdrive with southispat.

thanks regards

real value said...

Dear SS
I m holding K Sera @16.25. Now it has come down gradually. What is yr view on the stock. Yr comment would give a sigh of relief or suggest. I m also holding Southern Ispat @11.19.

Saurabh S S said...

Unable to buy at current levels as this has hit upper circuit. :(

I had put a call at 10.70 today but the call was not executed by ICICI. I have put a call at 11.24, hope it gets executed tomorrow.

I think i have missed the rocket to moon. Navin bhai please help.

Saurabh S S said...

Got a lot of 1700 at 11. Fingers crossed.

achatto61 said...

Hi Naveen,
The extremely low promoter holding is a matter of concern. With such low holding, what incentive does the promoter have to run the company well? Also it leaves the scrip open to market operators who control most of the stock. Your comments please.

amit golchha said...

wts ur view on the results of Compact Disc. why it is still falling after such a marvallous result. can it be aquired at these level (53)

kumar said...


The promoter holding in the southern Ispat is just 4%.isnt that a concern?

Also heard that they are going to issue fresh equity up to the tune of 160 crores which will dilute the earnings.Isnt that a concern again?

its just that iam trying to understand the working of stock market.Please dont misunderstand

real value said...

Dear SS
Where are u sir, u r not responding to my query about K Sera and Southern Ispat. Your views on these stock is highly required.

real value said...

Pl reply

Superstar said...

Hi real value,
Have been busy so slightly delayed reply. K Sera Sera has had a great run from 11.10 (when I had posted on my blog) to 18.50 levels in just over a month or so. When there is such a steep rise in a stock, some profit booking is always prudent. It is now hovering around 13 (in line with the fall in the rest of the market). It is at a crucial point technically and must be closely watched as it can go either way from here in the short term. Depends on the overall market condition. There is relatively less risk in Southern Ispat, which can be accumulated at present price.

Hi Saurabh SS,

The overall market correction has given you a good opportunity to invest in Southern Ispat & Energy at a cheap price. Hope you make good use of it.

Hi Amit,

Compact Disc has given good results, but unfortunately the management does not enjoy a very good reputation in the market which explains the weakness in price. It is also in line with the overall market conditions. Most Mid-small caps have been beaten down a lot in the current fall. So technically speaking with a short term view, you can hold it with a stop loss of 49.90.


Superstar said...

And my reply to those of you asking about the Promoter holding in Southern Ispat & Energy Ltd. is that we should wait till the December quarter results to see the latest shareholding pattern. As I have said earlier, the promoter holding is expected to increase after the merger & acquisition process is completed.


real value said...

Dear SS
Thnks for yr reply. I m holding K Sera at 16.25 & want to know only that switch over to Southern Ispat or Cronimat. Which one would be better. Pl....

leonardo21in said...

Hi Superstar. Any idea on whats the agenda of the AGM?

Jean said...

Hello Superstar,

Thank You for providing Southern ISPAT.. I am holding the stock already.

Please tell me your thoughts on Goenka.

It is showing intrinsic value jump upto 20000 times - top in the market.

piyush said...

Hi Superstar,

sir i have 2000 share
in Rs 16 hold and sell
Please sir target