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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hot Pick: Crew B.O.S. Products Limited

Nse Code: CREWBOS Bse Code: 532873

It's been a while since I updated this site. The markets all over the world are re-testing the lows of Oct, 2008. I think this presents an opportunity for investors to cherry pick and build a long term portfolio. Crew B.O.S Products is a profit making, sound company with a 52 week high of 94.40 and low of 16.65, currently available at a mouth-watering price of just around 18. The nine months EPS of the company already stands at 7.99, which means that at current price the share is available at a PE ratio of less than 2. The Promoters have been increasing their stock holding in the company over the last few months and their latest percentage holding in the company stands at 54.13%. The company is in the business of Fashion & Leather accessories and the future is bright for this company.



somen said...

Dear Navin Bhai,
Welcome back.

somen said...

If we purchase Crew B.O.S what will be the TGT and for how many months?? And plz suggest the stoploss price..

somen said...

Dear Navin Bhai.
What will be the Tgt, Stoploss and Time line for Crew BOS...plz suggest.

sujatha said...

hi navin,

good to see u after long time.
thanks for ur post.
Im holding 450 shares of Pyramid Saimira(PSTL) bought at
160 levels as per my broker tips. Now its trading around 17 levels.
every body told me that pstl is very sound company i dont no wht had happend to it.

please tell me whether i have to book loss or wait.....

Ambrish said...

how do you think is indian overseas bank?

Superstar said...

Hi everyone,

Crewbos is a great investment at current levels and the first target should not be less than Rs.40 for patient investors.